Bus service is operated by South Central regional transit. District(SCRTD Anthony to El Paso Westside via Hwy 28 Monday through Friday.

Individual Cost
Adults $1
Children $0.50
Seniors $0.50
Students $0.50
People with Disabilities $0.50
Bus Transfer FREE
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Flex Bus Service

FLEX service operates via the Purple bus route serving stops between Anthony, New Mexico and El Paso’s Westside Transit Center. The service includes stops in Santa Teresa and Sunland Park. This service is operated by the South Central Regional Transit District and is made possible through regional partnerships, funding from the District and a grant from the El Paso MPO.

FLEX offers a variety of options to maximize the convenience and accessibility to communities along the bus route. During peak morning and afternoon times, FLEX provides service connecting to the Red route operating to Las Cruces, New Mexico and to the Turquoise route operating to Chaparral and El Paso’s Northgate Transit Center.

Additionally, FLEX provides on call bus service up to 1 mile from the route. Fares for this service is comparable to regular bus service with fares of $1.00 for adults, 50 cents for kids, students, seniors and people with disabilities. Bus transfer are free.

FREE Wi-Fi: Once on board, access the internet and email through the network.

Bikes on FLEX: All FLEX buses can accommodate two bikes mounted to the front bike rack. No bikes are permitted inside the bus

All Abilities Access: All FLEX buses are equipped with lifts and ramps.

For more information or to register for this service, please call 575-323- 1620