During the month of February, bus ridership rose 36 percent from January 2017 and reached new highs for several bus routes. Contributing to this increase was a significant increase in both theTurquoise and Purple routes operating via Chaparral and Sunland Park to El Paso’s Northeast and Westside Transit Centers. Further, the Orange route from Alamogordo to Las Cruces was up 14 percent as well.

Ridership for the month reached 1598 rides, an increase of 36 percent over the prior month. David Armijo, Executive Director reported: “Improving connections, adding bus stops, and advertising in the Camino Real and on our buses has contributed to the improvement in ridership.” Further enhancements to the bus network are planned in the coming months, including the addition of bus schedule holders at bus stops, the launch of an improved website, more social media, and the use of the Google Transit app. Google Transit is a free bus app that provides access to the bus route schedule on a smart phone.

The bus network ridership growth is on target to reach 20,000 rides this year and is achieving the goals set forth in the 2015 Five-Year plan established by the SCRTD Board of Directors. Ridership is up about 85 percent from this point last year. As the system matures ridership is expected to grow to 36,000 trips in 2018. Bus fares are $1.00 for each Adult trip. Reduced fares are one half of the adult fare (e.g. 50 cents) per trip for seniors (60 + years), youth (6-18), and students and people with disabilities. Children (5 & under) may ride free with each paying adult. Transfers between routes are provided free and limited by direction of the paid trip. SCRTD accepts Transfers from RoadRUNNER Transit, Z-Trans, Sun Metro, and Route 83 Sunland Park.

Bus schedule information with individual trips times are available on the bus, the SCRTD website at SCRTD.ORG, and at local libraries, Dona Ana Community College, La Clinica, Doña County Government Center, Mesilla Town Hall, Anthony City Hall, and community centers located along the bus routes.

For more information, log onto http://www.scrtd.org or call 575-323-1620, or Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/southcentralregionaltransitdistrict/ SCRTD provides public transportation in Dona Ana and Otero Counties. Service to Sierra County is in the District’s Five-Year Plan.